Dirty Sweatshirts was created in November 2009 by Troy Rogalio And Matthew Dinon.  We started of with 6 guys paying paintball in Grafton NY in the middle of winter.  Eventually we wanted to play with more people so we put an add on Craigs list, looking for people to come out and play with us in the woods on Sunday.  Eventually we got reached about 25 players coming out every Sunday, at which point Troy decided to create DirtySweatshirts.com.  From there with the Craigs list add still running we grew to over 50 players every Sunday, by the time we had made our move to our private field in Pittstown NY. We soon realized that we had a solid group of players and needed to expand our horizons.  Our next move was to take our game to a real paintball facility, at which time we began attending The hornets nest, and Albany Scenario Club regularly.  Today the Dirty Sweatshirts organization is a thriving group of people who love playing paintball, and welcome all to come out and play.  Our website consists of players not only from our team, but also many members of the paintball community abroad.  We welcome anyone to get involved and encourage new players to give it a try.  Our forum is host to a variety of events at all different locations and we hope that Dirty Sweatshirts will continue to grow and help people gain interest in the sport.
                                               here they are.....

these are the original dirt sweatshirts worn by us, and this is the first picture for the website

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