The 518 Brigade



       What is the 518th Brigade? In short it is a representation of our local paintball community as a whole. Years ago a bunch of local teams and players attended an event at HN called "Hubes Pocket", this event had an attendance of 170 players which ended up pretty much divided by upstate players from the 518 and downstate players. This game was awesome as the 518 players were the underdog and we came from behind and lost the game by very few points. Since then the 518 was born to solidify the local players when traveling to other fields and to bring regional recognition to our (518) paintball community. Since that time many local players have traveled and played under the 518 banner to past West Point, EMR, Strategy Plus, PSI, and other venues to play in big game events. Most every team based in the 518 area consider themselves as proud members of the 518th along with many individual players not associated with an established team.
As of today the 518th has gained regional recognition and respect as a group of hardcore paintballers who not only represent a great game on the field, but a friendly, fun, and crazy organization off the field, which has attracted members from other areas who show the same love of the sport and brotherhood that makes being a 518 member something to be proud of. Our strength is in the teams that make the traveling events, our blood is the many individual players who join us.
Anyone can be a member of the 518th. Respect the game of paintball, respect each other, have fun, play safe and we will see you on the field.


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